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Always holding an upright, rigid posture is not necessarily better than a slouched, relaxed posture when standing or sitting.

Recent thoughts amongst experts is that we should be adjusting our positions and moving more frequently. If sitting at work, get up and move every hour.

This is why TrackActive provides a range of exercises called the Office 5 in under 5 mins. For office workers, these exercises could help prevent and relieve neck, back or shoulder pain.

You are probably still wondering how you should sit when at work. There is no ‘ideal’ posture, as it is different for different people, but as a general rule you can follow this advice…

Rule no. 1 – Ensure you have your computer screen at eye level and at a distance that allows you to easily see the screen without straining your head and neck forward.

Rule no. 2 – Adjust your chair height so that your forearms are horizontal and supported by your desk.  You may need a footrest if your feet can’t comfortably reach the ground in this position.

Rule no. 3 – Your chair should support your spine to maintain the natural curve in your lower back.  For most people, a slightly reclined upper body position will assist to achieve a balanced posture.

But remember, nothing beats movement to protect against pain, so keep breaking up your work and moving throughout the workday.

The exercise programs in TrackActive Me are perfect for achieving this.

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