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Physical health done the right way

TrackActive Me is an evidence-based physical health platform to keep people healthy, pain-free and productive.

Why do I need it?

50% of people are currently affected by a musculoskeletal condition and 66% of office employees suffer from pain in the neck, back or upper limb. Targeted exercise and advice can improve and prevent these conditions.

Who is it for?

TrackActive Me is for insurance customers and corporate employees to self-manage their physical health. The chatbot-driven application delivers personalised advice and exercise programs that adapts as they progress.

TrackActive Me is the
new standard in managing
people’s physical health

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Our solution

  • Self-help application providing personalised exercise programs and health information
  • Assessment and screening chatbot profiles an individual’s physical health and exercise habits
  • Assists people to manage their physical conditions and improve their health
  • Built by clinical experts and driven by exercise rehabilitation data

Monitoring & Analytics

With users logging their progress and symptoms through TrackActive Me, our dashboard aggregates this anonymised data to provide insurers and corporate executives a real-time snapshot of the physical health of their customers and employees.

Innovative approach

Powered by AdaptX technology. A combination of exercise data from our TrackActive Pro platform, clinical algorithms, and artificial intelligence generates personalised and adaptable exercise programs to facilitate optimal spine, muscle and joint health.

A few reasons why TrackActive Me is the right fit

  • Will help reduce costs associated with healthcare visits and reduced productivity
  • Targets ‘at-risk’ users before they develop conditions that lead to work absenteeism and healthcare costs
  • Provides aerobic and strengthening exercises for prevention of musculoskeletal pain
  • Find the ‘hidden costs’ related to joint and muscle pain that hinder productivity
  • We stay independent so individuals can use our solution anonymously and without fear of being disadvantaged.

About us

Making an Impact

We have a simple vision - to improve the lives of people with musculoskeletal conditions and chronic disease through exercise. We are focused on building evidence-based innovative technology to achieve this.

Clinical Expertise

We are founded by and work with world renowned physiotherapists and specialists in sport and exercise medicine that develop our clinical algorithms and specialised information and advice.

Driven by Science

TrackActive Pro, an evidence-based rehabilitation platform, provides us with a unique understanding of the most common and effective exercises for prevention and rehabilitation of various conditions.

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For demo requests, general enquiries through to support questions, we are here to help, just send us a message or email us at [email protected]

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