Physical wellbeing back on track

TrackActive Me is the leading self-management application in managing and preventing musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions for organisations and their people.



Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are a leading cause of employee work-place absenteeism and productivity losses. Research has shown that almost two-thirds of office workers suffer from pain in the neck, back or upper limbs.


TrackActive Me provides early interventions for job-related MSK conditions as well as preventative programs focused on reducing the onset of these conditions.


Easily implemented as part of the corporate health programme, we can reduce absenteeism and presenteeism by improving the physical health of your employees.


Reduction in employee days off work due to MSK conditions.


Reduction in days at work where productivity is adversely affected by MSK conditions.


Average improvement in patient-reported pain and symptom scores.


TrackActive Me can be offered to insurance customers as a value-added service. It is also used within disability insurance products, both Group and Individual, in order to provide immediate interventions and more cost-effective delivery and monitoring of rehabilitation. Collection of risk data via the platform provides underwriters with better insight into the impact of existing MSK conditions.


TrackActive was the Winner of The Digital Insurer (TDI) European Startup InsurTech Award for 2018 and has a long-standing partnership with General Reinsurance Group. Current customers include Royal London.

Health Organisations

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are the leading contributor to disability worldwide, affecting approximately 1 in 3 people. TrackActive Me can significantly reduce the pressures on MSK services provided by health organisations.


Our patient-facing web or mobile app digital triage technology reduces pressures on GP practices and appointment waiting times. Our clinically governed digital assessments will direct users to their GP for further assessment, or if deemed appropriate, provide suitable exercise programs and self-management advice for a user’s condition.


A musculoskeletal (MSK) digital triage and assessment tool that goes further by providing self-management programs, prevention programs and connects to healthcare networks. The complete digital solution for musculoskeletal health.


Assess and Triage

Digital triage and assessments categorise and provisionally diagnose musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, to provide personalised rehabilitation exercise programs, or refer to appropriate medical care. Our assessments are immediately available and mobile accessible, reducing pressures on traditional healthcare services.


Evidence-based exercise programs covering 26 common MSK conditions are informed by the analysis of over 100,000 rehabilitation programs. Programs are progressive in response to user feedback and suitable for at home or the workplace. We ensure exercises selected for rehabilitation programs are proven for optimal recovery.



A library of stretching, mobility, and strengthening programs are available for everyone to stay strong and healthy, and prevent MSK conditions. This includes the ‘Office 5’ and ‘Mobility 5’ programs to break up repetitive and sedentary work. Our health education videos provide helpful information for a wide range of issues on physical and mental wellbeing.


Health Management

Monitor rehabilitation progress using the symptom-tracker and check-in notifications. Review program activity, step count, and other physical activity. Log physical exercise and sporting activity completed outside of the app, and track strength and aerobic activity levels against World Health Organization guidelines.


Analytics & Reporting

The TrackActive Me admin dashboard shows anonymised data to provide organisations a real-time insight into the physical health of their employees or customers. Bespoke analytics are available to further understand user engagement and effectiveness of the TrackActive Me application.


Healthcare Network

When required the application refers users to their doctor, our UK-wide network of physiotherapists or an existing occupational health provider. This is for conditions that are more complex or require additional medical assistance.

DSE Self Assessments

TrackActive Me provides Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments for employees and customers. The DSE self-assessment provides an employee with information on corrective actions for a safe and effective workstation. Organisations can review assessment outcomes in a secure portal and identify workstation risks which may require further intervention.


TrackActive Me is a UKCA and CE class 1 medical device registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA). Our clinical assessments, and rehabilitation and prevention exercise programs meet the highest safety and effectiveness standards, which are continuously reviewed by expert health professionals and a leading London University. Analysis of over 100,000 rehabilitation programs inform our exercise programs so we provide the most beneficial exercises for recovery and prevention of MSK conditions.

“I had great back pain and difficulty walking upright, driving, and even sleeping. TrackActive Me came to my rescue and gave me excellent exercises. After 2 weeks of my exercise program, my back was improving enormously, and I was able to stand upright and the pain was gone. I still do the exercises today.”
Dean , Low back rehabilitation

“I enjoy working with the Team at TrackActive because they are very accommodating and open to recommendation on how to improve their service for both us and our customers. TrackActive provided us with a real-time analytics dashboard which is extremely useful for tracking usage and demographics.”

Royal London

“My shoulder was in a lot of pain, and with TrackActive Me I could get the help immediately and didn’t have to wait. My exercise program was evidence-based and so I knew it was safe to use. The exercise demonstration videos were really helpful for performing the exercises correctly. I felt fully recovered after a few weeks.”

Rose , Shoulder rehabilitation