Adductor Tendinopathy

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Groin pain is a common condition in sports that involve cutting movements and kicking. In football, the incidence is between 8-18% per year.

The structures responsible for groin pain vary. Most commonly, it is due to changes in the structure of the tendon of the inner thigh (adductor) muscle. This tendon attaches to the pelvic bone (pubis).

The tendon can cause pain if forces through it are too high. Poor running and change of direction biomechanics that overload the tendon is common. If there is poor strength of the adductor muscle and tendon it will be unable to cope with the forces.

The good news? Research has shown that programs to strengthen the adductors and other hip muscles improve this condition. This is because the tendon becomes stronger and more resilient to the forces. Strengthening other hip and pelvic muscles can improve biomechanics that reduce stress on the tendon.

The program within TrackActive Me will provide you with exercises to strengthen these muscles. You may need to stick to the program for several weeks before you see a real change. If you continue to have pain, we can recommend physiotherapists to provide additional help.

It is important while doing the program to avoid the activities that cause you pain. However, make sure you continue to keep active with other exercises and activities. For example, you may find that swimming and cycling are OK. You can also choose from our library of pilates, stretching and upper body strengthening programs. Just select ‘Stay Strong and Healthy’ in the TrackActive Me chat feature.

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