Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve at the wrist. The tunnel is referring to the shape of 8 small bones of the wrist – the carpal bones.

The nerve is a soft structure in the tunnel so can be easily compressed with extra pressure.

The pressure can come from extra fluid in the wrist, bending the wrist, or a change in the structures within the wrist.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may be worse at night because of the position of the wrist when you sleep.

There is good news. Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome firstly focuses on positioning the wrist to minimise the compression on the nerve. We recommend purchasing a brace or splint to maintain a good wrist posture. The splint will need to hold the long bones of your hand in line with the long bones of your forearm.

We recommend you wear your splint while you sleep to hold the carpal tunnel in a good position. Wear it every night for six weeks initially. This has a high likelihood of reducing your symptoms during the night and day.

Some people will still have pain and tingling for certain activities they do. For example, using a vibrating tool or assembly workers who have repetitive tasks.

If this occurs, wear the splint only for those activities that bring the symptoms on. If you can change or avoid the activity that would be even better.

Allow your arm to move freely without the brace whenever you can.

The exercise program in TrackActive Me is for you to maintain a good range of motion in your hand, arm and shoulder. Keep active with lower body exercise as well such as water walking or cycling. You can also access Pilates and leg strengthening programs through the Stay Healthy section of our chat.

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