Chronic Ankle Instability

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Chronic ankle instability is a condition that causes ongoing pain and giving way of the ankle.

It can occur if you have sustained multiple or severe ankle sprains. These sprains can damage the ligaments that provide support for the ankle. This causes ongoing pain and weakness in the ankle.

A muscle strengthening and control program can reduce pain and giving way of the ankle. This is because stronger muscles provide more stability to the ankle and help prevent future sprains.

The program in TrackActive Me will guide you through exercises to do just this. You will need to stick to the exercises for at least 4-6 weeks to see a real change.

During this time you will need to avoid activities that cause pain or giving way of your ankle. For example, if you play football, we recommend getting your ankle strong and pain-free before you return. In the meantime, make sure you keep active with other activities that don’t cause you pain. Swimming and cycling are good ways to stay aerobically fit. You can also choose from our library of pilates, stretching and upper body strengthening programs. Just select ‘Stay Strong and Healthy’ in the TrackActive Me chat feature.

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