Plantar Fasciopathy

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Plantar fasciopathy is a common condition causing pain in the arch of the foot. It is seen in running athletes and workers that are required to stand and walk for prolonged periods.

The source of the pain comes from the plantar fascia. This is a large piece of connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot. When overloaded, it becomes aggravated. Changes in the structure of the tissue begin to occur.

The factors causing this problem include the following:

  1. An increase in standing, walking, or running.
  2. Wearing shoes that do not provide adequate support to the foot.
  3. Weaknesses and biomechanical issues that increase stress on the plantar fascia.
  4. High body weight.

The good news is that there are exercise solutions backed by research. This includes:

  1. A progressive strengthening program that puts controlled stresses through the plantar fascia.
  2. Stretching of the plantar fascia, calf and hamstrings.
  3. Strengthening of the hip and small foot muscles to improve biomechanics.

The program within TrackActive Me will guide you through exercises to do just this. You will need to stick to the exercises for up to 3 months to see a real change.

It is important when doing this program to avoid activities that cause you pain. For example, you may need to stop running until you have recovered. If your job requires you to walk and stand for prolonged periods make sure you have comfortable and supportive shoes.

In the meantime, keep active with exercises that don’t cause you pain. Swimming and cycling are a good idea as they that don’t stress the plantar fascia. You can also choose from our library of pilates, stretching and upper body strengthening programs. Just select ‘Stay Strong and Healthy’ in the TrackActive Me chat feature.

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